What We Do

Our business model delivers a 360°, turnkey approach to build-to-rent living – at industry-leading costs.

Through our global supply chain and logistics partner, CASK Industries, we provide an efficient supply chain and globally source thousands of SKUs. Through our interior and architectural design partner, Cortland Design, we create spaces that residents love calling home – whether it’s a renovated apartment, a world-class amenity, or a brand new residential community.

Global Supply Chain, Logistics, and Warehousing

Our global sourcing network through CASK Industries in Shanghai, China takes care of all sourcing needs, eliminating a time-consuming process. CASK’s supply network uses the best information systems available to make sure all products are in the right place at the right time anywhere in the US. Warehouses throughout the US allow for a robust domestic storage capability and product transfer process – making product delivery faster and more efficient. Additionally, our material kitting services provide key efficiencies, reducing both storage and labor needs.

Product Design and Manufacturing

CASK Industries’ product designers create distinctive, high-end product concepts inspired by cutting-edge, global design, and consumer research trends. Through CASK’s vetting process, we secure the highest caliber manufacturer and production facilities. Products include finishes for kitchen, bath, lighting and fans, cabinetry, wall tile, vinyl flooring, window coverings, door hardware, granite and quartz countertops, and more.

VDC, BIM, and Technology Integration

Through our use of VDC, BIM, and construction technology, we bring a project to life, creating a digital model of information our clients can use to make more informed decisions throughout their project’s lifecycle. To support this process, our use of integrated construction and operations management systems promotes collaboration, coordination, and optimization in all our projects. In this environment, we don’t just increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce both risk and cost – we connect our clients to the future of their project.

Interior Design and Architecture

Our spaces are furnished with the same consideration and approach as designing a custom home or living space. Our design partner, Cortland Design, delivers a people-driven, locally tailored approach to both interior and architectural design, ensuring our design solutions are not only sophisticated and economical, but also memorable.

Modern Methods of Construction

By fabricating and assembling building components into volumetric modules or apartment units which can then be shipped to and installed on construction sites, Modern Methods of Construction offers significant benefits like reducing construction timelines, onsite labor needs, and better control, quality, cost, and specification certainty. Cortland Build has dedicated significant resources to developing a volumetric modular system of apartment units for use on Cortland projects in the UK (see the prototype on the right), and research and planning is currently underway to bring this method of delivery to Cortland projects in the US.